Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Week of Apr 15th to Apr 21st
It was a lil slow week. Nothing much happenning.

19th Apr Friday:
Sharma was to come in. So Dos and I went to Powell station (Harith was to meet us there) waited from 6.00pm and no sign of the man. At around 6.40pm Dos got a call and we realised that Harith was waiting for us on the Top while we were waitin for him at the platform :-). We then took the Bart to Colma- then the samstrans to the airport. Just got there on time.

We got into the airport before Sharma came in :-) We then walked and walked and took the Car Rental shuttle which dropped us off at the car rental place. Then walked to the "Enterprise" car rental and Sharma rented a car. He gave his name as "bobby" (wonder if he likes the movie!! ). We then drove down to Oakland Apt and went to dinner to "Uno's Pizza". The guys then went to Walnut creek.

20th Apr Sat:
The plan was to go to Walnut creek but as usual all confusion and so Praveen and I went to "Buttercup Kitchen" to have an All American Breakfast. We then took a walk around Jack London Square. Went into all the stores there :-) was good. Found a bunch of cool T-shirts which I will pick up on saturday. :-) Sweet! We then called Surma who told us they would come down.

So the "NUT" place pple came down. Surma, Prashanth, Harriet, Dos and Dinks! So we left to Golden Gate bridge. Surma, Dos, Anand, Harriet and I in one car and Kiran, Praveen and SPP and Dinks in the other. SPP was driving Shailu's car :-) Shailu was in MN :-))

Drove down GG bridge! was awesome. Stopped over at Vista point and then walked on the GG bridge. It was awesome!!! We then drove back. This time I sat in the front. :-) Was a great view. We drove down to Fremont to have dinner at "Kamat". It was an hour's drive. I love loongdrives. :-) was kewl. Had dinner and then wanted to watch a movie at Fremont. The movie "Company" had released and the theater seemed ful and we were late too so we decided to go back. Surma decided to stay on at Oakland so Surma, Anand, Praveen, Kiran and I came back by Surma's car. Went to Jack London Cinema and watched "High Crimes". Quite an ok movie. Got back to the apt. Chatted with Surma for a while and then went to sleep.

30th Apr Sunday:
Woke up at 6am got dressed and left with surma to the "NUT" place. Btw the NUT place is "walnut creek" :-). We could not decide what to do :-) Went to Denny's for Breakfast - brunch actually and then decided to go to NAPA. By the time we got set to go to NAPA it was pretty late and the vineyards close at 5pm so we decided to go to the Marina. Went down to Star Bucks for a coffee and then drove down to the Marina at Pittsburg Bay Point. Quite a nice place. Water and all. We then went down to another marina place. I donn know where this was It was a nice place though!! :-)))

Went over to "Swagat" for dinner and then took BART and came back home. This was a real memorable weekend. :-)

Surma left the next morning to MN!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Week of Apr 8th to 12th:
What happenned here! hmm lemme think.It went real fast! Monday to wednesday did nothing much. Julia got back from Italy on wednesday!

13th Apr Saturday:
JP, Vasan, Deepak and I left to Lake Tahoe. 7.15am took Amtrak (train) to Sacremento from Jack London aquare - right across the apt where we stay and then it was a bus (Amtrak shuttle) to a place called Truckee (North Tahoe). It was an amazing ride. From Truckee we took a bus to Northstar (the ski resort where we stayed). We got there went to the condoe :-) nice 2 bedroom condoe. Had the bedrooms and the bath down and the 1st floor had the living room, fireplace and kitchen. Reeal nice!

Freshen up and went to the village to get some lunch. Did lunch and then went took a Gandola and went up to the ski mountian. We did tubing. It was sweet. Just like it was in Dream Valley. Pple get into a tube and it goes zooom :-) dream valley had water though and here it was snow :-). We then came back down. Went back to the candoe got some rest and then went back to the Village (thats where most of the things happen in Northstar resort :-) by things it means.. way to go to the ski mountian, the resturants etc) Went to the racket! this place had the pool and the spa and the game room. Hung around there for a while was pretty empty and then went and had dinner. Called for the shuttle and went back to the condoe. Oh! to get to the condoe or the village we had to call the shuttle. We watched TV for a while, lit the fireplace and then took some pics and then went to sleep.

14th Apr Sunday:
Woke up and got ready by 8.30am. Went and checked out and then headed for the village. Had cofee and then JP, Deepak and Vasan headed out to Ski. JP and Vasa took lessons and Deepak was figuring it out himself. 2 hours these guys took lessons, fell :-) and were trying to learn, At 12.30pm they gave up. Went looking for deepak who was now missing. At around 1pm I spot the guy trying to ski down. He came back with a lot of tales. Got himself into qiute a mess!!! Lucky to get back alive and not hurt. Crazy guy!

We then had lunch and then went back to the village. Took a cab and then went to Lake Tahoe. Went to King's beach where we saw the lake. It was beautiful. Then took a drive back to Turckee passing thro Tahoe city and Sqaw valley. Was real nice. Did some shopping at Truckee. Then took the Bus to Sacremento and then to Oakland. back home at 10.15pm. Was coolld. Got back home (apt) and went to sleep.

That was an exciting trip. Saw snow for the first time ever :-) loved it!

Monday, April 08, 2002

Its the one week time again!

1st - 5th Arp:
Monday thro Friday - was the regular come to office and go back home. Did take Maria out to a Indian place for dinner - India garden :-) Thursday eve Maria dropped me off home early- was feelin a lil feverish! Maria left for her looong weekend. She gets back on Monday.

5th Arp Friday :
Christian dropped me off at San Carlos - that is where Chech works. Amazing drive in Julia's Porche. Christian is taking care of Julia's car while she is in Italy. She is back on 10th Apr.

Chech and I went to the Indian store near her place, got samosas and then went back home. We then went to ROSS. This is one nice place. Pretty reasonable too. :-) Went back home and kept talking for a while. Did dinner and crashed out.

6th Apr, Saturday:
Woke up late and then went shopping :-) never shopped so much in my life before and don thnk will have the patience to ever after. :-) Went to the Mall - dropped into Victoria's secret, then went had lunch - had FallaFals (this is the way it is pronounced donno about how it spells) :-) then went to WallMart and then Target. Got back home. Anil came down and we watched the movie "Don't say a word" on DVD. Was good! :-)

7th Apr, Sunday:
Woke up late - with a migraine (seems to be a parcel of my every sunday morning here ). Saw some pics and then went off to CostCo this is a wholesale shop. Then went to Fremont and had lunch at the "Chat Place" nice food. Took the bart from Fremont and got back home.

Took a walk with Praveen, Harith and Deepak near the apt. Got some pics. Need to get some more though. Of these guys too!

That was the week!

Monday, April 01, 2002

Another week gone by and so has another year ......

Ok! 24th March, Sunday:
Holi at Santa Clara. Was fun. I just watched. Got back to chech's place and then in the evening chech and jeej dropped me off home. Dinn go Narendranna's place. They had a party to go to.

25th - 27th March:
Life as usual. Work and hime. Maria drops me off sometimes now. Its very sweet of her.

27th March, Wednesday:
Wore my salwar which amma got for me. Nice salwar I got told. :) my mom's taste has always been good that way!! :-d lol Went out with Maria to lunch. Enzos an Italian place near the office.
I got beautiful flowers - yellow roses from Jean. It was real nice of her.

28th March, Thursday:
Another birthday!! Bunny (my cousin) called me at 1.00am :-) Called back in the morning. Wore the saree that steve and Julia got me. Was good. Maria picked me up (had luggage as I was goin to chicago that night). Got to work. Was a usual day. Praveen got me flowers. Mom had asked Manoj to pick it up for me. Beautiful flowers. Went out to lunch with Marcello, Maria, Cludia and Marco to an Italian resturant. There was to be a status meeting for the QE team in the afternoon and that turned out to be my birthday party :-))))). Cheryl had baked the cake. Was yummy :-)) Was very sweet of these guys. I also got TULIPS! First time ever in my life:-) I also got a mug of M&Ms :-) and a lovely scarf :-)

That evening I had to leave for Chcago. Marcello took me out to dinner and then had to drop me off at the Airport. We did stop off in WallGreens though, to pick up a pair of socks for myself (forgot to put them in the bagpack and thought dinn have one!! huh!). Took the 12.15am flight to Dallas (as a standby ). Slept through most of the journey. Managed to get the immidiate connecting flight from Dallas to Chicago. :-)) Got lucky.

March 29th, Friday: Reached Chicago at 8.45am. At Chicago Airport. Dinn know where to go. Looked around for a while, tried to call anna (was not able to get thro) and then walked out of the airport waited a while.Then came back in and asked the lady in the American Airline counter. She asked me to go to the Baggage claim area. Went down and found Madhuri there. :-)) Whew! such a relief!!!

We drove down to actually get hom but kinda got lost so went to downtown to meet Bambi anna. As I Would like to tell bambi anna we decided to go meet him before we got home ;-) Went home had breakfast n crashed out. Later went to WallMart. Was a fun experience. Anna was home by the time we got back. We then went to "Hot Wok" an authentic Indian chinese food place ;-) There was a Dollar tree next to it too. Then went and watched a Movie "ICE AGE" real cute. Was good fun. Btw, the theater we had gone to is a complex with around 30 theaters in it. Got back home kept talking a while and then slept off.

March 30th, Saturday: Woke up real late and spent time with anna and Madhuri. Was real fun with them. Never had spent time that way before. In the afternoon we drove down to downtown. Could not go to Seers .. too much of a crowd. So went to Navy peir. Roamed around there. Watched a 3D movie :-) short film 10 mins. Was kewl. Took lotsa pictures. Then walked down to Michigan Ave to the T-shirt shop. Anna wanted to get one there for me too :-)) Got a similar one as anna's. It was pretty late by then so got back and stopped over at "Devon" this is the desi place. All desi stores. Checked for the cell phone. It cost 240 dollars. Dinn get it. Am still thinking about it. Then picked up "Dil Chahata Hain" DVD and got back home. Had dinner and watched the movie. Managed to speak to mom dad that night. Slept at 3am.

March 31st, Sunday:
Woke up and spent time with anna. Got lotsa gyaan too :-). Then went over to the Pancake Place for breakfast. Yummy food. Btw checked my weight too. Am just 52kgs :-) kewl!was worried about my weight here :-d lol. Costco was closed and so was Khols. So went to the airport and took the flight.
Got back to SF. Took the Shuttle and went to Colma. There was no direct BART to Lake Marriet from there, luckily I called Praveen and he told me. Got off at Daly City and took the BART to Lake Marriet. Praveen and Shailesh came and got me.
Did not have the patience to go to Narendranna's place. Was too tired so had dinner and crashed out.

That was the week.. and the year too....:-) My yellow roses have died out but the Tulips (from the party) and the flower bunch of roses and other flowers still there ..........real beautiful!