Thursday, May 23, 2002

Week of Apr 22nd to Apr 28th
One hell of a week this was! :-)

Apr 22nd to Apr 25th was spent at work and also planning for Julia's birthday. It was so much fun. Saved up the mail. Might put it together and put it on my blog later.

Arp 25th Thursday:
Told Julia we were going to the Place called "NOI" and Marcello had made the reservations. Around 6pm when she was in a meeting most peple slipped out. Julia comes out of the meeting and notices that people were gone and comments :"are we working banker's hours???". She did seem a lil off beat :-) I did try to cover for Maria :-)) and then Julia noticed Sal around and thought that most of them might be at meetings or other places.
We left for the resturant. When we got in her friend Diego was there to welcome and wish her. Btw, her birthday is on the 26th of Apr. The same day was the schedule release of LMS 3.1 (which ofcourse got deffered to the next week). She was really surprised to see the whole team there. :-) I hope she enjoyed herself. She did seem to ;-).
The pictures can be found at "Julia Buday Pics" Check them out!!
Its a wonderful team :-) so much fun and so good at their work :-))

Apr 26th Friday:
Hagay came and picked me up. So sweet of him. That day was a India Fashion day at office. Got myself back into the saree :-)) Was fun though!
The LMS 3.1 release did not happen that night (as mentioned above!!) .. sad did not get to see the midnight deploy madness :-))

Oh yeah! not to forget! went and picked up a pair of Nike hiking shoes, from copeland stores. looked real nice :-)) Men's shoes. Found them a lot funny but then thought would give it a shot and try them at home else will return them the next day.

Apr 27th Saturday:
Well! next day I went right back all the way to Powell to return the Shoes. Then went looking for Nike Town. One nice long walk on Powell Street. Found Nike Town at Union Street. The shoes I wanted were not there ofcourse. Took a nice walk and then went to Ross wanted to pick up some stuff for Bunny (but ended up gettin more stuff for myself ofcourse :-d lol) and then took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) back to Oakland.

Maria picked me up at 2pm. She drove down all the way just to pick me up. Sweet lady! She had bought herself new pair of shoes and was flashing them away :-)) Met Maria's neice and Nephew. Chweet kids. She is really so fond of them :-)

Julia and Cheryl came down in a while but the Cab which was to take us to the Oakland airport did not turn up. Maria's sis dropped us off at the Airport. Well! we were off to Orange County - to get to Anneham (got to get the spelling :-d lol ) - Disneyland :-) The land of Micky Mouse :-)) Every kid's dream :-).

Got to the Hotel (a condoe was booked) which was supposed to be right opposite from Disney park. Well opposite was the word but definitely not "Right". Freshned up and went down to Disney park for dinner. Went around DisneyStore, tried on so many a cap and top and all the sweet things which were out there took lotsa pics.. and then went to dinner. Had a nice loong dinner :-) was real fun to hang out with Julia, Maria and Cheryl. :-)) I WAS IN DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!

Went back to the hotel. tried to watch some TV and I went ahead and ordered for a movie Even without realising I was doing it!!! and the damn thing started playing :-((

Had to sit and watch the movie for a while. Could not last long though. Was dead tired. Went off to sleep. Ofcourse Cheryl had one hell of a time trying to get the Sofa Bed into place. And, not to forget the FAN which needed to be switched off, as it was real cold, and had a pull switch which was absolutely beyond reach. :-d lol Cheryl managed to switch it off by climbin on to the top of the sofa :-d lol

Apr 28th Sunday:
Set out to Disney Land. Got some breakfast at the Disney Park and then went to the "House of Snow White", my first ride at DisneyLand. Next was a sweet Train ride :-) then went down to the Kiki Bird show :-) got fast passes to Indiana Jhones and Priates of the carribian. Went on the boat ride - safari :-) cute!

Did lunch and then Next the haunted House, and then back to Indiana Jhones (was my best ride) and Pirates of the Carribian. Julia kept telling us about her ride in the "Small World" and that she got stuck in it for an hour :-) We got stuck in the "Priates of the Carribian" for half hour :-d lol. Guess, its with Julia and the rides and getting stuck!!!

We then went down to Toon Town. Next was Space Mountian. Thought I'd die "Ctrl+ O".